Review: Winter’s Passage by Julie Kagawa

 Winter's Passage  (Iron Fey #1.5) by Julie Kagawa (Goodreads Author)
How did I get it: Harlequin is offering this as a free e-book download along with several others. To get your own copy, go here. Thank you, Harlequin!

Why did I get it: Winter’s Passage is considered to be Book 1.5 of the Iron Fey series so I was curious.

How I would rate it: 2 out of 5 stars – It was okay.

My Summary: As the title suggests, Meghan and Ash traveling to the Winter Court. Their journey is complicated by many other fairies all of whom are eager to get their hands on Meghan before the prince can take her home himself.

My Review: I didn’t really enjoy this novella as much as I wanted to. There was just way too much filler in this 46 page novella and the general mood of the piece seemed to be all over the place, particularly at the very beginning when the first book was being summarized. I definitely didn’t like how flippant Meghan’s attitude was in regards to what had happened in the previous book as it seemed to be in significant contrast to the tone at the very end of The Iron King.

Obviously the growing connection between Ash and Meghan was still very sweet. I liked reading about them, and watching them begin to change one another in slight ways while still being completely baffling to one another. The general creepiness of the fairies they dealt with especially the Hunter was really great. Thanks to a very unexpected plot twist and the conversation Ash and Meghan have following its reveal, I absolutely loved the last 6 pages of Winter’s Passage. Still, I would have preferred to have loved the whole novella.

In conclusion, not bad but the best parts of this novella are used in The Iron Daughter so I have a feeling this was meant to be a promo used to entice people to give the series a chance more than anything else. I also think this would have worked much better for me if I had needed something to tide me over between books.

Tomorrow I will post reviews for both The Iron Daughter (3 stars) and The Iron Queen (4 stars).

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  2. xXGlitterXx says:

    Well, I’m just someone who stumbled upon ur blog but just to tell u, u can even download a free copy of it on which they’ll give away until april something. Anyway, just saying. 🙂 Bcoz u said thanks to Harlequin for it. 😛

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