Review: For Love of War by Kiernan Kelly

For Love of War by Kiernan Kelly (Goodreads Author)

How did I get it: I bought this e-book novella from Dreamspinner Press. You can click on the link to learn more or to place an order.

Why did I get it: The cover drew me in right away. Besides, after seeing an ad for it on Smart Bitches throughout the month of January, I really had to get this book.

How I would rate it: 4 out of 5 stars – Good and fun.


Ares, the Greek god of War, has fallen on hard times. Modern technology has left him a proverbial fish out of water, relegated to finding battle of a sort in rough biker bars. When Hermes shows up with an offer from Zeus, king of the gods, Ares thinks he’s finally found a way to regain his past glory.

A godling on Earth has come into his powers, and they’re strong enough to send a ripple through Olympus. Zeus needs the fledgling god dead. Dion, the godling in question, has no idea of his Olympian roots until he wakes up to find Ares there to kill him. But Dion isn’t totally defenseless, and Ares soon discovers he’s caught in a web of lies that only the Fates will be able to untangle.

Review: Most of this book was just plain amusing and all of it was entertaining. Ares and Dion were great characters together and on their own. I liked how they strongly they effected one another in and out of bed, and how they improved one another as well. Ares typically does not wind up being the main focus of anything so it was great to see him dealing with an epic level of boredom, having a fortress, dealing with other gods on his own terms, and falling in love.

I like how the Greek gods are usually a messed-up lot in fiction and that this remained the case here too. Kelly’s Fates reminded me quite a bit of Kresley Cole’s Valkyries, and everyone was very human in terms of temperament, needs, and issues with one another. But I do wish the female goddesses had been less hostile and bitchy. I realize that was mostly because Ares didn’t like anyone and Dion had absolutely no reason to like anyone either, but I could have done with less blaming of the women for various problematic affairs in the past. At least Zeus remained the absolute worst of them all in several ways so thankfully it wasn’t just the female goddesses behaving badly.

In conclusion, I found For The Love of War to be quite enjoyable. The novella would have benefited from a little more padding though since the story did seem a little rushed and conflicts were solved very easily, but it is definitely worth purchasing if you enjoy Greek myths or quirky humor. I know I will be checking out more of Kelly’s work in the near future.


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