Review: Tron: Betrayal

Tron: Betrayal by Fabian Nicieza
How did I get it: The library.

Why did I get it: I really loved Tron: Legacy so I’ve been looking at the graphic novels and games relating to it and to Tron.

How I would rate it: 4 out of 5 stars


After returning from a perilous digital realm, Kevin Flynn did what any brilliant video-game developer would do after getting a glimpse of an impossible world: he made it into a game, a game filled with Light Cycle races and deadly disc battles. A game he called Tron.

But that was just the beginning. Flynn has created a digital world of his own. A place that is only limited by his imagination. But he’s just one man. No matter how clever he is, can he really be in two places at the same time? As Flynn’s life in the real world becomes more and more complicated, his digital world is slowly becoming more and more dangerous.

Review: While this graphic novel will lack a certain appeal for those unfamiliar with Tron and Tron: Legacy, I really feel like it did an excellent job bridging the gap between them. I liked learning more about the ISOs and seeing the way the divide between Flynn and Clu developed.

The art, characterization, and plot were quite good over all. Flynn is more concerned with big ideas and escaping real life, but fails to really understand that even though he really just wanted to create his own fantasy computer world to play in and not really understanding that programs in that fantasy world will see themselves as real too. In creating Clu to be like him, he also failed to give him that kind of insight and to really allow for him to grow. I do sort of wish Tron’s presence was explained and that his part was a bit bigger, but I did like seeing him continue to struggle with doubts and both his friend Flynn and his fellow program Clu.

The only complaints I have are that it was hard to figure out who was talking to whom and that some of the panels seemed slightly jumbled somehow. Other than that, I liked the comparisons between the Grid and Rome as well as all the shades of gray in regards to who precisely was completely wrong and who was right.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this graphic novel. I would definitely suggest checking it out if –like me– you’re anxiously awaiting April 5th’s DVD and/or Blu-Ray release of Tron: Legacy.

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2 Responses to Review: Tron: Betrayal

  1. Oh thanks for the review here!

    I know there was a movie coming out of it here some time. I use to love Tron when I was younger and have thought about going to the movie. But I might just get the graphic novels. šŸ™‚ Thanks!

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