DNF: Shades of Atlantis by Carol Oates

Shades of Atlantis by Carol Oates (Goodreads Author)
How did I get it: Shades of Atlantis Book Blog Tour April 1st - April 19th

Why did I get it: I signed up for the Book Blog Tour. I was also intrigued by the concept and I wanted to see if this was something my library should purchase. While I definitely think this book will do well at my library and the teens I work with, it didn’t work out for me.

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How I would rate it: DNF – Did Not Finish because this wasn’t the right book for me. For reasons why, see the Thoughts section right after the book’s Summary.


Since the death of their parents, Triona Pryor and her brother, Ben, have lived with their aunt and uncle in Camden, Maine. Now in her senior year of high school, Triona loves her family and friends, but she has always felt that she didn’t quite fit in…in Camden, or anywhere else.

Enter Caleb Wallace, the devilishly handsome man who has recently moved to Triona’s small town. While their attraction to each other is instantaneous, it also proves to be dangerous…and deadly.

When tragedy strikes, Triona flees to London for solace and to start her life anew. It’s there she discovers from an unlikely source that her family has been keeping secrets from her – secrets about not only her birthright, but her ultimate destiny as well. Armed with this knowledge, Triona finds herself thrown into a whole new world and into a battle to save the lives of everyone she loves.

Thoughts: I tried and I tried for days on end to push my way forward and through Shades of Atlantis. My progress was slow because it was actually painfully obvious to me that this book was not really going to be my cup of tea.

Carol Oates definitely has a good writing style, but I just did not find myself believing in the love between Triona and Caleb. I get that they had love at first sight going on, but for me that is not compelling reason in of itself to buy into a relationship. For me as a reader, it is never enough to be told someone is in love. I have to see that in the writing itself, and that didn’t happen. By Chapter 6, it seemed that loving Caleb and Triona’s love was essential to enjoying the rest of Shades of Atlantis and since I felt like that wasn’t going to develop in a way that would satisfy me as a reader, I gave up.

In conclusion, Shades of Atlantis would be an ideal read for those who enjoyed Twilight, the romantic aspects of the Iron Fey series, the romantic aspects of I Am Number Four, and fans of Karen Marie Moning. Sadly it was not the right sort of book for me.

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I'm a librarian, reader, and writer whose main goal in life is to be able to swim in books the way Scrooge McDuck swims in money. Although my reading choices will always be wildly eclectic and I never plan on leaving any genre unexplored, my favorite reads tend to be Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Gay Romance, or Historical Fiction. You can e-mail me at inspector[dot]librarian[at]gmail[dot]com.
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46 Responses to DNF: Shades of Atlantis by Carol Oates

  1. Thanks for participating in the tour! While no book will ever please all readers, thank you for sharing the type of reader it may appeal to based on the portion you read. Since it’s a DNF, and for those that haven’t read the book, the reason Triona and Caleb are love at first sight is revealed mid-way and the mythology behind it, as well as the “bad guys”, action, and revelations. I agree not all readers will love every book, which is why we have all types of reviewers to reach all types of readers. Thanks for your honesty! 🙂

    • For sure and thanks for organizing it! 😀

      My preferences definitely won’t be another reader’s preferences and vice versa. So far reading the other reviews, I’m still glad I stopped but a bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t have the same sort of happy experience.

      I definitely hope this book does well and finds plenty of readers who are more into paranormal romance than I seem to be. And my library will be getting a print copy soon.

  2. Shannon J. says:

    Actually this makes me want to read it all the more! It has sounded like such a wonderful book and I’m interested to see if I think the same or get a similar feeling! I personally loved Twilight so I might just love this!!


  3. Amanda says:

    Awww! I’m sad you didn’t like it. I’m really wanting to give it a try.


  4. Very nice review. Even though the book wasn’t for you. Thank you!

  5. Jennifer McDonald says:

    I think this was a great review. Honesty is refreshing and I know that there are some books my fellow readers have just loved and I didn’t but that is what makes reading fun.

  6. Diana says:

    Great review! Book sounds very interesting and the cover is amazing.

  7. Aydrea says:

    Thanks for the honest review! I hope I like it when I get a chance to read it, it does sound really interesting.

  8. Donna S says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Not every book is for everyone. I am still looking forward to giving this one a shot.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  9. Vivien says:

    It’s too bad you didn’t finish the novel. But thanks for your honest opinion.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  10. Stephanie says:

    Bummer! I always hope to stumble on books that I love, and knowing you didn’t finish worries me!

    the girl on fire
    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  11. Mary Preston says:

    I have heard only GREAT things about ‘Shades of Atlantis’, but everyone’s tastes differ. Thank you for your honesty. That is always appreciated.

  12. Lisa Faber says:

    Sorry this book didn’t work out for you. That’s why I love books, there is something out there for everyone!

  13. Allison V. says:

    I am grateful for this honest post. I have a whole pile of DNF books I tried hard to push through, but didn’t work for me. I’m *hoping* I’ll like this book because I love the mystery of Atlantis, I actually just did a report on it. I fear I won’t be convinced of the romance either though, because generally it takes alot for me to believe in character’s commitment…All the same I simply can NOT wait for this, and I sincerely hope this will work for me! ❤ hehe

    • I know what you mean. I definitely prefer a slow build to a love that makes more sense, but it’s possible the rest of the book is better. I just have gotten to the point where if I’m not engaged with something by a certain numbers of chapters I move on. I have too many other books to read.

      Thanks for reading! I hope it does work out for you. 🙂

  14. Rachel Leigh says:

    Sorry you didn’t like the book. Hopefully it will be a hit with other readers.

    Rachel Leigh
    TheOneRing111 at gmail dot com

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  16. Cass says:

    Thanks for the honesty. A good reviewer is firm and expresses their thoughts with sensitivity, and you definitely did that. I’ll still have a try. 😉

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  17. magan bagan says:

    Not every book will please everybody and I would rather read an honest review than a forced one.

  18. winnie says:

    Thanks for the review. I personally reading all kinds of reviews on a book to see what work or didn’t work for the reader.

    I am still excited for this book because the premise and mythology behind it really grabs my attention.


  19. I’m really looking forward to learning more about Ireland and it’s history.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  20. mamabunny13 says:

    Thanks for the review. I would like to read this book.
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  21. Nicole Sender says:

    Thanks for your honest review. It’s refreshing to read a review that is what the reviewer really thinks and feels.

  22. Jolene says:

    So sorry this was a DNF for you. Thanks for the honest review and I can’t wait to read it to have my own take on it


  23. Stacy says:

    Thanks for your honest thoughts about the book. I’m still excited about reading it, and thanks for participating in the tour.

    the imagine tree at aol dot com

  24. Pamela says:

    I like how you said what kind of readers would like this. Since I liked Shades of Atlantis, maybe I’ll like some of the ones you mentioned! Thanks!

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