Graphic Novel Round-up: Transformers Edition

Apparently I’ve arrived at the conclusion that if robots who turn into various modes of transporation are the only fictional characters who aren’t going to get romantic subplots in their comic books, I owe it to myself to read more about them. As far as IDW Publishing is concerned, I’m also in the middle of devouring Locke & Key so hopefully I’ll post about that some time next week.

Transformers: Bumblebee by Zander Cannon, Chee Yang Ong, Trevor Hutchinson   Transformers: Bumblebee by Zander Cannon, Chee Yang Ong, and Trevor Hutchinson – 3 Stars. I was surprised by how much this references a lot of specific events and doesn’t really function as a stand alone origin story. The artwork also has an incredibly dated feel.  Still, for a book about fighting robot toys, it was fun and engaging. I did like Bumblebee being able to talk and seeing him take on being a leader despite being short and younger than most. And I liked his becoming friends with a little girl only for her to be the most forgiving and open-minded human that anyone, Autobot or Decepticon, had encountered. Well, that and the cool military guy, but the little girl was cuter.

Transformers: Drift  Transformers: Drift by Shane McCarthy and Alex Milne – 5 Stars. I am still a bit shocked by how enjoyable this graphic novel was, but it was really quite good and cool. It did exactly what a origin story ought to do and I came to care for Wing and Drift/Deadlock almost instantly. The action and the plot were both straightforward, of course, but I like the anti-hero vibe going on. The dilemma of choosing sides was done very well, and I liked the artwork too.

And I would not be adverse to some suggestions of what to read next in terms of these Transformers titles.


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