My 2012 Reading Challenges (So Far)

I had a blast with my reading challenges for 2011 so in 2012 the trend will continue. I have, however, done my best to avoid the ones I had an easy time with last year and locate some ones that might require a bit more effort on my part.

I will be keeping track of my progress on the 2012 page located under the Reading Challenges tab up at the top of this blog. I have also learned from my mistakes and set more reasonable goals. Should I exceed them, I will try for higher levels. 

Right now, I plan on participating in the…

All the Books of Pern Challenge – I have never read a Dragonriders of Pern book let alone a trilogy. But it’s about time I did so. I’m striving for Level Blue: Read the original Pern trilogy plus the Harper Hall trilogy (or any 6).

Horror/Thriller Reading Challenge – I really never seem to read a lot of Horror outside of Lovecraft and last year was no exception. I really enjoyed the Book Chick City‘s challenge last year, but since it allowed for Urban Fantasy and Horror, I pretty much just read Urban Fantasy.  I’m striving for Level Carousel: Read 11-20 books.

Nordic Challenge – In 2011, I did a great job of meeting all of my challenges save for one. The Nordic Challenge. So it is back again. I’ll be working towards Level Freya: Read 3-5 books.

Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge – I know, I know. Like I need an excuse to read Discworld books. But I still have Snuff, Making Money, and Unseen Academicals to read. So hopefully this challenge will help. If nothing else, the books will also count towards…

Unread Book Challenge – The goal of this is to read more of the books I own without buying more of them. I have no doubt that I will buy more books… But it would be pretty cool to read the ones I bought not too long ago with every intention of actually taking a closer look at.

What reading challenges are you participating in?


About April

I'm a librarian, reader, and writer whose main goal in life is to be able to swim in books the way Scrooge McDuck swims in money. Although my reading choices will always be wildly eclectic and I never plan on leaving any genre unexplored, my favorite reads tend to be Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Gay Romance, or Historical Fiction. You can e-mail me at inspector[dot]librarian[at]gmail[dot]com.
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8 Responses to My 2012 Reading Challenges (So Far)

  1. Red Bear says:

    You are an amazing reader and writer! You are an inspiration. I am looking forward to CSI Librarian throughout 2012. Share with us essays and commentary to as those are awesome!
    You are a gift! When do we get to read a novel you write? I bet there are many you can share??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Your loyal fan and reader,
    Red Bear

  2. Thank you for joining the challenge. I am the opposite. I would read the horror/thriller then urban fantasy. I should go find a challenge for that. Thanks and I will be in contact with you as we go!


  3. TBM says:

    Good luck with your challenges!

  4. Oh all of these look amazing! 😀 And great challenges to join. I’ve got a few on my side bar, YA Speculative Reading Challenge, A-Z Reading Challenge, Horror & Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge, and Debut Authors Reading Challenge. 🙂

    Hope you have a great year and the best to you with your challenges!

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