Just for the record…

I would like to point out that these are not attitudes that ought to be expressed by authors who hope to win over readers and reviewers:


In fact, any It’s Happy Bunny graphic from Jim Benton is an excellent example of how not to act online or off. And anyone who behaves in ways similar to these graphics — author, agent, reviewer, etc.– is not someone I want to know, be around, or support financially let alone read.

The reason is very simple: Life is too short and book blogging is too much fun for me to want to turn it into a thankless chore.

I have no interest in going into a book knowing the author or someone connected to them might try and make me miserable should I fail to give it a 5 star review. Furthermore, when there are so many amazing authors, reviewers, and agents out there… Why on Earth would I want to assist in promoting someone who behaves appallingly towards others?



About April

I'm a librarian, reader, and writer whose main goal in life is to be able to swim in books the way Scrooge McDuck swims in money. Although my reading choices will always be wildly eclectic and I never plan on leaving any genre unexplored, my favorite reads tend to be Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Gay Romance, or Historical Fiction. You can e-mail me at inspector[dot]librarian[at]gmail[dot]com.
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3 Responses to Just for the record…

  1. Red Bear says:

    Hurray CSI Librarian…onward!!!!!

  2. kay says:

    Well said – and illustrated. It saddens me so much to see authors acting like these bunnies.

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