Gay Romance Reviews: Fortune Hunter, Rogues, and Jungle Heat

Lately I’ve actually been using my Nook. Which pretty much means I’m reading Gay Romance e-books because if I can get something in print, I opt for print. And the majority of Gay Romance e-books tend to remain in solely available in an electronic format. The two Brook Street books are fairly recent grabs from Netgalley, and Jungle Heat is one I bought ages ago. For summaries and info, click on the covers.

Fortune Hunter (Brook Street, #2) by Ava March  Fortune Hunter by Ava March (Brook Street #2) –  4 Stars. A lovely story in a lot of ways. I really cared about both men, particularly Oscar, and wanted them to be together. Their conflict was and yet wasn’t a misunderstanding, which I liked. Oscar approached their relationship with the hopes of it becoming a committed one as Julian obsessed over getting married in order to become rich while taking Oscar for granted. The reveal was really heart-breaking, but the conclusion showed up way too soon which I didn’t like at all.

Rogues (Brook Street, #3) by Ava March  Rogues by Ava March (Brook Street #3) – 3 Stars. I liked both Linus and Robert. They had a very friends with benefits thing going on, which clearly wasn’t going to work forever although neither one of them could quite admit it. I liked that as a starting point, and I also liked the ways their relationship developed/evolved. I just found myself wishing there was a bit more to their story. I liked their emotional conflicts, but some external conflicts would have been nice too. *

Jungle Heat by Bonnie Dee  Jungle Heat by Bonnie Dee – 4 Stars. A very sweet and hot story that is quite a bit like Tarzan. The ending seemed a tiny bit rushed, but I really liked the way time passed prior to that. Michael’s journey from Odd One to finding a love and home was definitely well-done. I loved his thoughts as well as the transition from speaking very few words to being able to form full sentences. James was also a great love interest, and I liked how his reluctance and uncertainty stemmed from caring too much rather than being unsure of his own orientation.

* Please Note: After reading it and going to GoodReads, I did notice Katie(bab)’s NSFW review. I decided it was worth linking to because if I’d paid more attention while reading about certain (ahem) intimate acts, I might have had a similar reaction.

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