Clandestine Classics

I read about this on Bookshelves of Doom and couldn’t resist blogging about it:

Total E-Bound has a new series coming out on July 30 called Clandestine Classics in which some spice is being added to various classical works of literature. According to the product page:

Jane EryeThere is no doubting the fact that the classics remain an inspiration to writers, even today, with many complex and thought-provoking storylines. But if we are honest to ourselves haven’t we heard the same reserved tale told time and time again?
Our collection of Clandestine Classics is about to change that. This is a collection of classics as they have never been seen before.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaThe old fashioned pleasantries and timidity have all been stripped away, quite literally. You didn’t really think that these much loved characters only held hands and pecked cheeks did you? Come with us, as we embark on a breathtaking experience—behind the closed bedroom doors of our favourite, most-beloved British characters. Learn what Sherlock really thought of Watson, what Mr Darcy really wanted to do to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and unveil the sexy escapades of Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre. We’ll show you the scenes that you always wanted to see but were never allowed. Come on, you know you can’t resist…open the pages and delve inside.

The first set will include Jane Eyre, Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Personally, I think this is hilarious and awesome. I don’t know how many I will end up purchasing or reading, but there are a few that sound amusing if nothing else. Besides, I am all for anything that isn’t the publishing of more books that are virtually identical to Fifty Shades of Grey.

I also sincerely hope that The Phantom of the Opera and The Picture of Dorian Gray will be included in the next batch. Or The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Or The Count of Monte Cristo. Or Kidnapped.


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