Books to Look For: Crowflight by Sunny Moraine

Crowflight by Sunny Moraine (September 2013, Masque Books)

Summary: Turn is a member of the ancient Crow tribe, a Psychopomp in training—a guide of souls into the lands beyond death—with a bright future ahead of her, until she witnesses the suspicious loss of a soul between worlds. Accused of losing the soul herself, Turn is exiled to the Shadowlands beyond the Crow’s city, lands occupied by the mysterious and secretive Raven tribe, weavers of dark magic and suspected by Turn as playing a role in her exile.

But when Turn is saved from sickness and starvation by a Raven, everything she has always believed to be true is thrown into question. As she struggles to adapt to life among the people she once feared, terrible truths begin to emerge. There is a dark conspiracy behind her exile—a rising power that threatens to destroy everything that the Crows stand for, and even to upset the balance between life and death itself. And Turn may the only one who stands in its way . . .

Release Date/Month: September 2013

More Info/Website: Click here to visit Masque Books or click here to visit Sunny Moraine’s website.

Why I Suggest It: During the early stages of my on-going reading slump, I was lucky enough to read over one of the early drafts of this book. Crowflight is awesome and refreshingly unique. The world, the magic, and the characters are really well-developed. I really cared about Turn and all the trials she endured as one by one the people she trusted betrayed and used her for mysterious ends. She really grows and comes into her own as the book progresses, and already I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book of the series.

I can see Crowflight really appealing to Stacia Kane fans and to people looking for dark, haunting Fantasy series. It is also only $4.99 so really…what do you have to lose?

CSI:LibrarianBooks to Look For is my way of coping with my atrocious reading slump. Reading is wonderful, but I have read more books than even I can imagine at this point and helping people find books is absolutely the best thing in the world.

So if you’re looking for some books to read or trying to find an author similar to one you enjoy or looking for a book you can’t remember enough details about to find on your own? Comment on this post or email me at inspector dot librarian at I’ll happily take the case!

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  1. Hmmm, sounds good. And I’ve enjoyed Kane’s work so right up my alley. 🙂 Thank you!

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