Request a Review

If you would like to request a book review, please read over this page and fill out the Review Request Form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you so much for your interest!

Review Policies:

– While I have eclectic tastes, I will only accept review requests for the following genres:

Gay Romance
Historical Romance
Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy

– Whenever possible I prefer print. I am open to a wide variety of formats when it comes to fiction but despite my best efforts, my Nook tends to collect dust more than it does anything else.

– While I can guarantee an honest review for the books I read, I cannot guarantee a review for every book sent to me prior to its publication date.

– In order for your book to be considered for review, you must fill out the Review Request Form:

Thanks once again!

(Last updated and slightly revised on 2/24/2012)

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